Capital-efficient growth

Solve customer acquisition problems at scale by modeling and maximizing success events

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Device conundrum

Does 70% of your traffic contribute only 5% of revenues?

Mobile traffic is cheaper than desktop traffic. Today its common to see 70% of visitors using mobile devices to access content. But do your mobile visitors convert just as well as the desktop visitors? Sadly, in most campaigns, mobile visits result in just about 5% revenues. Thankfully, only part of this problem is behavioral; the other part can easily be remedied by contemporary technologies. Learn more »

3  {
4    "Daily revenues": {
5      "weightage": 80%,
6      "minimum": $35000,
7    }
8    "Repeat usage": {
9      "weightage": 15%,
10      "minimum": 1.2,
11    }
12    "Social mentions": {
13      "weightage": 5%,
14      "minimum": 0.03%,
15    }
16  }
Spend allocation

Why bother allocating spends before campaign launch?

When spend allocation decisions follow from the discovery of a maxima for a given objective function rather than being set as artificial constraints upfront, superior results follow

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Multiple goals

Are you chasing improvements in multiple metrics?

unFriction models various success events - ranging from same session revenues, repeat usage, social mentions, engagement to simply ad viewability so that you can answer the toughest questions about retention, growth, and engagement. Learn more »